Moxy 2-way Project

These are my current hands down winners in AB testing in my house. The Ballon is nice but this speaker has some calm depth to it. I think part of the key is the zobel before the woofer crossover components. The woofer is simply a fine driver as well. It also has this cool thing where it sounds good off axis. It has a huge sweet spot. Everyone at DIY DC and Dayton seemed to like it.

The woofer is the Vifa XT18 wood cone with the larger magnet. The tweeter is the Morel MTD30. Both sound great and are fairly easy to tame.

I seem to have lost the MLS and will have to redo them. Crossover below.

Vifa XT18 two way

This is the current XO. I think I might bring the tweeter up just a tad. This XO has a 4dB dip at the crossover ON-AXIS which is partly why it is such a calm speaker. But move a little off axis and it is flat, especially if you move up a little. Then the sweet spot is huge. It also has a pretty flat impedance. I have a theory that the flat impedance is part of the easy listening as well because the amp is not changing current up and down the octaves. I am not a science guy so this is a loose thought.

If I did this speaker again, I would make it shorter so the woofer is a little below me. Then the MLS would be flat to my ears and the cabinet less obtrusive. The tower is a lot larger than 25 liters so it could easily be shorter. The volume is about 25 liters and it is tuned to about 36Hz.

Vifa XT18 woofer crossover

Morel MTD30 crossover

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