Scan Speak -Seas 3 way

I did this project in 2006 but am just adding it in 2009. Madisound had a sale on the Scan-Speak 8531g that lasted about one day, I was lucky to snag a pair. Wow, what nice workmanship in a woofer. I had the Seas 1150 tweeter on-hand but had to find a decent Mid. There are a fair number of mids out there and I settled on the Seas H1262. Nice paper cone merges nicely with the SS paper woofer.

I got pretty far on the crossover but could not really find a sound that I liked. I gave Dennis Murphy a call and he offered to give it a shot. He make some tweaks and it sound very good. Thank you Dennis!

Charts are all from Dennis. My "lab" is a tiny room so I am always adjusting for room issues. Overall the sound is very smooth will no hot spots. The bass in deep and tight. I think one of my (Dennis's) best efforts.

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