Aurum Cantus F130 - Morel 29 2-way

The original goal of this speaker was to build a speaker that is tube friendly and would actually fit on a modern bookshelf. That means small and with the port in the front. I had both the Aurum Cantus F130 woofer and Morel 29 tweeter on hand. Originally I was going to use a Vifa D25 but once I got going and realized how little surface area I had, I moved to the smaller face plate Morel. The F130 actually produces a decent amount of tight bass for a 5" speaker and does not have a serious break up in the upper region. The down side is pretty low efficiency which goes against the tube goal. Unfortunately I don't have a tube amp any more so I will have to wait until someone comes over with one. So far it sounds pretty good. I like the Morel tweeter sound. I mounted the woofer on the surface because it was so hard to figure out how to cut the irregular shape. I avoid drivers with irregular shapes.

Note: MLS not including port and a narrow gate, so bass not measured.

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