Scan Speak 8531g - Seas H1210 2-way

Another sale, another pair of woofers. These lasted a couple of hours. I just happened to be on the site and noticed these really nice SS 8531g woofers were on the sale page and grabbed a pair. I would use SS all the time if I could afford them. I was originally planning on mating these with the nice Usher 9950 tweeters I had on the shelf, but once I got the whole setup in the test boxes, I could never get them to sound right. So I moved to another pair of tweeters I had around, the Seas 1210. I really have to stop cruising the sale sites. I have way too many drivers on the shelf. The most interesting thing about this build was that a very simple first order XO worked right out of the gate. I general rule is that the higher end the woofer, the harder it is to tame. But this one went against the rule and was really easy. The only issue was a 3db peak above 10k that took some components but once I was listening, I decided to pull the components and live with the peak. Most of us are deaf at that range anyway :) So in current state I have a high end speaker with a minimal amount of components and a first order electrical and acoustic. Note that I set my MLS charts on 2db increments instead of 5db like everyone else.

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