Subwoofer Project

This was my first project and my first design.   I used the KG5150 amp and a used ACI DV12 woofer in a 2.85 cf3 sealed box.   Not much to tell here except it sounded very good.  The Box was big and my wife hated it.  So boom-boom go bye-bye. 

What I learned: 

1. A good sub is worth every dime. 

2. You don't neet a lot of watts in a sub.   This one shook the house with plenty to spare and only had 150 watts. 

3. Think about bracing.  I did a birdcage thing with lots of little braces.  Next time I will use a simpler design.

4. Stuffing really counts in subs.  More than in smaller units. 

5. Build speakers for the love of it.  There is no money in it.  I made about $2 per hour and recovered parts costs. 

What a sorry layout. All I wanted was the TV to sound better. Bought the HT to power a center, the Emerald (now lays upright) to clarify the voices, then I needed a sub to help the Emerald. Then had to can remove the old Dynacos because the Emerald put them to shame. Had to sell the sub due to size. This really was an ugly mess. Sounds a lot better now. The only remaining device is the TV and the Emerald.

Here is my current HT system. Much better.

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