ACI Center Speaker Kit

This was my first kit, the ACI Emerald center.   I fretted over this for a long time and Mike D. at ACI was very patient and answered all my e-mails (  A great guy.  I built this with only a drill and a circular saw.  I spent about five times the hours on this little project then I did on my last floor stander with the right tools.  I had to make fixtures for everything.  I knew I would really mess up somewhere so I made four sets of everything.  About 1/2 way into the job I messed up a cut pretty badly and just took the entire box and dumped it in the garbage.  No stress since I had extras.  I ended up with three finished boxes and picked the best one for the Emerald kit.  I used the other boxes for my daughter's Vifa two ways, Project 5 (but not Emerald copies).

The Emerald is a very good sounding little speaker.   I don't think it measures up to my MB-1 el-cheapo, but pretty nice.   It also integrates well with my ACI Sapphire IIIs.  Its strong points are midrange clarity and integration with ACI products.  Like all the Vifa P13's, it rolls off at about 75Hz.  But for HT with a sub it is great.

What I learned: 

1. Get the right tools. 

2. Start this hobby building a kit.  

3. Dial in your saws using a quality square.

4. You are not going to get great bass out of a 5" speaker. 

5. It really does sound better upright. 

6. Put poly coats on very thin.  Thicker is uglier and collects dust.



MLS at about 1m between woofer and tweeter. The raise in the tweeter is intended because it sits up high on a TV.
The drop after 10k is my mic.

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