MB-1 El Cheapo Kit

I grabbed this kit the day it came out.  I heard so much about the MB-1 and this was too good to pass up.  I bought the wood the same day and had them complete in one weekend.  They look great.  I was short a pair of stands so I build a matching set with the extra wood and veneer. 

These are the best sounding small speakers I have ever heard.  They are about 95% of my Sapphires which really says a lot. And $1,000 less.  The mids are fabulous.  The lows are very good.  The highs are very good.  The response is very flat and you can really get into this speaker.  This model rolls off pretty quickly around 60Hz so the bottom octave is not there.  But it is great that they roll off the lows rather than muck them up like so many speakers.   I really don't have any criticism for these and would build them again in a minute.  

What I learned: 

1. Get the right tools.  You can fly through the project with the right tools. 

2. You are not going to get the bottom octave out of a 5.5" speaker. 

3. Put poly coats on very thin.  The Emerald was the lesson on putting Poly on too thick.  This lessen was how good it looks if you get it on very thin. 

4. Sometimes cheap parts can make an incredible speaker, if you know how to build a xo.


MLS at 1m midway between woofer and tweeter. 1/6 octave smoothing. I am not sure the hump at 150Hz is really there as it appears on a lot of my measurements. The drop after 10k is my mic.

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