From early 2004: responding to hoover institute comments on gays causing heterosexuals to have kids out of wedlock, supposedly based on a Swede study:

Dear NPR;

I was shocked at the report on gay marriage from the Hoover Institute's Stanley Kurtz. To link gay marriage and wedded progeny is simply outrageous! I have been hearing about the increase in birth rates of non-married women since I began listening to public radio in the 1970s. Back then, it was blamed on women's liberation, hippies, drugs and communism. Later it was blamed on the collapse of the non-white household. White households blamed it on TV and the school systems.

Now we have reached a new low, blaming homosexuals for heterosexual birth. Or perhaps it is time to add Sweden to the "axis of evil" list for supporting al'Gay-ta. I cannot fathom any "research" institute allowing this gross fallacy of logic out the front door, no matter how conservative and I don't know how Mr. Kurtz read it with a straight face. If this is what he truly believes, then I have seriously underestimated the narrowness of the conservative mind.

Next, we will link obesity in America to the (Democrat purported) decline in the ozone layer.

Whenever I hear an essay include flawed logic of this magnitude, I wonder if the writer believes what they say or if they know the steep spin they are imposing. In this case, it must be the latter, as I cannot imagine such construct in earnest. But I do thank you for broadcasting the piece. I will now temper or disqualify any information coming out of the Hoover Institute. I had no idea!

Regards, P

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