Management Guide: What I learned in Orlando

1. Design and organize for success, focus on success.

2. Hire the right people

3. Ensure staff is knowledgeable about their jobs and set goals.

4. Make dramatic leaps in service. Don't just hack away at small issues. Don't get caught up on small issues.

5. Employ processes that stimulate thinking - directed toward hassle-free processes, maintain the vision.

6. Have comfortable relationships with everyone. Be available.

7. Observe and react to direct reports.

8. Expand knowledge of the best. Sample the best. Know how the best feels. Keep up!

9. Party effectively. Make friends of the people who don't like you or are unfamiliar with you.

10. Demonstrate a passion and commitment to your job. Never talk poorly of the company or people. If you are not as excited about going to work as going home then find a better job match.

11. Understand and demonstrate business fundamentals and reasons for business decisions.

12. Spread happiness, even in crisis.

Four things everybody wants:
1. To feel Special
2. Be treated as an individual
3. Respect for self and family
4. To be knowledgeable, i.e., be in the loop
5. To feel successful

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