Pet peeves:

1. Going into a high end store and listening to some rig, noting a glaring problem: Enter sales rep. I comment that I thought speakers would sound better at $$$$. Sales rep "well, the room is . . ." It is always the room! This has happened a lot. If you are in the business of selling $50000000000 systems then fix the blasted room. Or tell me I am full of it and throw me out.

2. I am tired of being thrown out of high end stores. Just because I come in and listen to every system over and over and never spend a dime, then make critical comments. Hey guys, some day I may win the lottery and actaully buy something, so better be nice!

3. Going into a high end store and having some 23 year old sales rep run around the room moving little panels to adjust the sound while I am listening. "Ahhh, that is better" they say after four or five moves. What, did my body volume change the acoustics? Does the music I am playing require different balancing then the last person? If I buy this system am I expected to move these panels around when I change a CD? If those panels are key, why don't you sell them?

4. People saying cables need break in. Sorry, while there are a number of things that may need warming up or mechanical things that need break in, cables are lifeless metal. They will pass the electrons the same in the first minute as the last minute of their life. And reversing them is also nuts. I am going to start selling purified audiophile air for $10 liter.

5. The smell of tubes. I don't like it. I have yet to come into a tubed room an not smell the tubes, even at the stores. It takes me back to struggling with my first systems, Pilot, Eico, Heath, where I spent every Saturday at Laffeyette or Radio Shack testing tubes and killing my allowance on tubes. They never seemed to fix the problems and the tube slots were not marked so I had to spend hours figuring out where everything went.

6. I am tired of people asking me to come over and begging for honest opinions of their systems. Then if I say something like "I think you have a little dip at the crossover" they get all huffy and defensive. I am on the border of saying "sounds great, yes really" to all systems. Besides, who said I know what I am talking about?

7. I am tired of feeling bad for DIY builders who buy $1500 worth of "super high end" parts and have no idea how to build a speaker. If you don't know how to tune a speaker then buy a kit.

8. I am tired of listing to people who install six 18" woofers with 1000 watts each to "get natural bass".

9. I am tired of wasting time on systems that were designed to play loud. And people who base a system evaluation on how loud it plays.

10. I am tired of synthesized music. Yes I can tell the bass and drums are not real on almost any recording. I can tell the piano is not real also. This is the only requirement for playing CDs in my car: real instruments. I can suffer through overproduced singers breathing into mics and pretending to sing, but I draw the line at computer generated instruments.

OK, now on to Album hatred:

Charlotte Church anything. She cannot sing. She never could sing. She is not on my list of musicians I most want to sleep with (Alison Balsom on the other hand . . .).

Three anything

Irish tenors (see above)

Anyone who is into tubes AND vinyl. These people must be into S&M *and* crazy.

Kathleen Battle singing light pieces, art song or gospel.

Kiri signing. Sorry, I don't care for her either.

Someone sending me another another another Opera classics, worlds best arias, or any compilation.

Any Broadway CD that is not the original cast.

Any CD that uses electronic instruments

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