Gurus Introduction

Could a simple speaker hobbyist somehow get a number of gurus to answer basic questions that would give some insight into the Audiophile mind?

I e-mailed a number of people and posted some sets of question on the Audio Asylum forums. Looks like it might work as I have a number if interesting responses. I think this is one of the best reads around right now, even though I did not write them. Hope you enjoy it.

This is not intended as a tips page, but something more on the philosophy side. Kind of a like having trapped someone at a party with five minutes to pump them for the secret answer to life. The TV show "Actor's Studio" does this and it is tre' cool. But they note the questions took 10 years to develop. I hope mine are decent for a start.

The goal is to see how these masters think and how they approach their work. If you answer the questions and mail them to me, I will most likely post them. I really want to keep it to people who have a lot of experience but I am not going to start deciding who is a guru and who is not. So if I don't know you, give me your URL or a short bio or something.

The questions are posted at the bottom of each page. If you think I have missed something insightful, let me know and I will try to post a follow up.

Use the pane on the left to navigate the sections.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the professionals who took time to write for free for what they normally get paid. This shows how much they really care about our audio life. Thanks!

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