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10/2019: Uploaded a METRIC version of boxycad6eMetric calculators.

6/2006: Uploaded a new English version of boxycad6e with floor bounce calculator and a bunch of other calculators.

Listening Room

Main system. Oppo 95, SimAudio P5, Ayre 5-mp amp. Speakers are home built ScanSpeak and SEAS drivers (projects P11 and P13). Overall it is maybe a 7-8 of 10. The video screen is to control Pandora.

Current Home Theater

Current HT system. It is OK. I have it on phantom center but have the box cut for the real center in the garage. When it warms outside up I will build it. The TV is the strong point, best picture I have seen: Panasonic VT25. The rest is ok. I am looking forward to replacing the receiver with one that has better room correction and has HDMI plugs. This is the family room we own and so it sounds ok for what we have. I would say 5 of 10 on sound. Strong point is the dual Titan Subs. When the helicopters come your pant cuffs shake.

Bedroom System

Bedroom system is hardly played. Marantz 2270 and Sony SACD. I just like looking at the Marantz.

6-2015: I am still here. I like my current system so I have not been making a lot of changes or doing new builds. Work continues to keep me busy but that will change next year when our contract runs out. I hope to make it to RMAF this year.

2-2013: Another year, woof. I made it to RMAF and wrote it up but it got published in AudioXpress and VHT in Holland (both the 1-2013 issues) so I cannot post it here. Win some lose some. Tons of travel for work this year made it hard to keep up with audio. Updated the main system picture. Now on the Ayre main amp and Sim P5 preamp.

2-2012: Site went off line for a couple of months. Another free space site that just terminated free space without notice. So now I am a paying customer like normal people. Added a couple of show reviews and some writings. Removed a bunch of stuff that was either obsolete (driver finder where most drivers were no longer made) or not relevent (capacitor quality thread, etc). I kept the links pages but I am not checking the links any more. They work or they don't.

11-2009: Cleaned up a couple of links on Boxycad and the Guru section. Sorry some links were dead. I need to clean up the "links" page, these change so often it is hard to keep up. Missed RMAF this year and am really bummed. My company sent me to Mozambique Africa for two weeks just befor RMAF and the thought of 18 hours on a plane from Moz, three days home, then another long flight to Denver was too much. Hope you saw my picture in Stereophile in July.

2-2009: Added three projects under the project menu.

1-2009: Wow, another year. Just collected all my show reviews and put them under on menu link. Hope you like them. I still have not completed the last two pairs of speakers, will post them when they are done.

11-2008: Well it has been a long time since I updated the site. Mostly I have been busy at work, new job needs attention and I have to pay the bills. I completed a really nice 3-way using Scan-speak woofer, Seas mid and Seas tweeter. Sounds awesome, probably since Dennis Murphy did the XO. I completed a ProAc clone rev 6.0 from the Troelsgraven site and sold them in the first 15 minutes. Darn, they sounded really good too. Mostly completed a Scan-Speak two way and a Aurum-Cantus two way. Will post pices when I get the chance. Mostly I am trying to get the site back on-line since AOL decided to suddenly kill all user sites. So now we will see how long Cox lasts. Since I actually pay cox for cable, they better not drop me. Also, went to the Montreal audio show, tres cool. I know a few of the links are dead and some pics are missing. I just don't have time right now to be comprehesive. The good text is there. Thanks!

3/2007: Pack your bags, we are headed to the Home Entertainment 2007 Show! Thanks to JA for getting us a room, Ray Kimber for supporting costs. We will be in room 1627. We will be presenting a series of six interactive workshops at HE2007 titled "Listening & Measurement". The workshops are as follows:

  • Amplifier Measurement Clinic
  • Amplifier Listening Comparison
  • Speaker Auditioning Clinic
  • Speaker Measurement Clinic
  • The Peak Power Demands of Well-recorded Music
  • Active Loudspeakers - An Example
  • There will also be an Amplifier Design Q&A session on Saturday afternoon

Abstract: Listening & Measurement Workshops

HE2007 Schedule of Workshops and Clinics

More information is at Bob Cordell's site: http://www.cordellaudio.com

2/2007: I made it to 100,000 hits! I added some writing including the RMAF 2007 report (click the Writing and Rash Opinions tab, or open a new page here) . Looks like we might be taking this to NY for the Home Entertainment show! Built a new 3-way with SS woofer, Seas top end. Will post pics later.

9/2006: We are headed to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF). Bob Cordell, Darren Kuzma and I put together educational workshops and booked a room at RMAF. Thanks To Ray Kimber for his help on the room!

7/2006: minor updates, fixed some links, added some writing (rants), hope to have a new 3-way up in a month.

Looks like DIY DC is Oct 14 and DIY Dayton is Sept 30. Watch the boards for updates!

6/2006: Uploaded a new version of boxycad6e with floor bounce calculator and a bunch of other calculators.

beerkeg speaker

My son wanted something cool for the gamecube and I had these "cabinets" laying around.


9/2005: General update. Who owns what and some corrections. The speaker above is my latest. Seas aluminum / Seas H400 tweeter. Self powered with Alesis amps. Sweet :)

2/2005: Adding a Gurus Speak! page. Still in progress but will add as I get them in.
I have been adding to this one and it is some of the most interesting reading (not my writing) I have seen on Audio.

Added box calculating spreadsheet I did with a guy named Aksan. First tab is for box building calculations, size in liters, box and driver layout. Print the page and it is ready for the shop. Tab 2 and 3 are calculators. boxyCad6e (119k)

1/2005: Added another project using the wood cone Vifa, more writing, another capacitor dual, updated the who-owns-what section, fixed some links. updated the Peerless 122 project to a SEAS tweeter.

7/2004: added a bunch of misc terrible writing :).
Updated driver reviews to include popular tweeters.
DIY event Details at www.audioDIYcentral.com

6/2004 added and updated the capacitor test section to include the LDSG link.
Updated the who-knows-what section.
Added project P9: Chasse

5/2004: Just got back from the Annapolis Spring Warm Up. Bob Cordell gave a great presentation on amplifiers.

Recovered and cleaned up the JPO linksthat were closed down. Take a look under "links"

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