Audio Links and other time killers:

JPO discontinued his site so I collected what I could and did a similar set:
Forum links
Consultant links
DIY links
Measurement links
Driver manufacturer links
Microphone links
Magazine links

Please keep in mind I am not keeping this up as a job. Let me know if there are dead links or you know a great one to add. Thanks.

Madisound DIY speaker forum Kits and parts on the main site.

Parts Express DIY and tech help forum Check the kits section

Audio Asylum forums

Home theater forum Dennis Murphy's site. Great speaker designs.

Selah Audio Rick Craig's kit site. Another very good designer with many kits. Line arrays! Lots of kit ideas here using Dayton drivers from Parts Express. I have not heard any of these.


Loudspeaker Driver Selection Guide This is the best DIY driver information site. Most US suppliers and kits are here.

The Best Audio FAQ Part 1 of 13

A Recording Studio FAQ

Another Recording Studio FAQ

The Audio Asylum FAQ

Steve Ekblads mega link site

Marantz Parts A little known site for Marantz parts and lamps.

Ohm's law explained with other cool experiments. I did the speaker out of a hard drive and it was cool.

Audio Scientific Calculators and links Don't miss this one

Speaker driver parameters mega database the Thiele-Small database


I am not a coffee drinker but had to build a coffee site once. Here are the best Coffee FAQs:
The Ultimate Coffee FAQ
The Ultimate Caffeine FAQ


Time kill Central: Movie database run by Amazon. Great reference but the real value is more or less hidden. You can "vote" on what you like and then look up your vote record. So you get a list of your favorite movies in order of preference. You can also keep track of your movie library. Also great movie trivia and goofs. I respect this one because Titanic is not listed in the top 250 of all time

The all time biggest FAQ (even the bondage FAQ is here! Not that I care.).

All knowledge of the universe

The Star Trek episode reference.

Reference CalculatorsDon't start this one without a couple of hours to kill. Poor layout but very very deep.

Mouseless Windows navigation (don't ask).

The Rap dictionaryYes, the words have meaning.

Cans Everything you wanted to know about . . . cans.

DNA Counter DNA counter, see how you measure up.

Sodaplay constructor I have no idea what these people were thinking, but fun.

Straightdope The most posts on any single forum, ever. Why, I don't know.

Prehistoric land mass animations

Spiders on caffeine This is a bizarre page supposedly from a NASA study. (like NASA stores these studies in the UK, duh)

Funniest story ever written

Creationism vs Evolution

How powers of 10 effect you

British history site in digital media

Official time

Polling Daily political poll updates


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